Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tuttle Book Store (Monday, August 3)

Tom took me to visit his favorite bookstore in Okinawa City, Tuttle Book Store. The store is owned by Sachiko Yamashiro. Yamashiro-san has worked at Tuttle Books since 1972 and bought it from Tuttle Publishing in 1986. During the first visit, we looked around and I bought a book for Mason. Tuttle Books is a great bookstore for English speakers and those who want to learn English. During my second visit, I got to take to Yamashiro-san about running a buiness in Okinawa and about being a woman business owner.


  1. English bookstores such as this one cater to a fairly well sized market. Japanese all study English in school and have a fair command of the language.

    Even the men and women who are not completely comfortable with their pronunciation of some words will be proficient in reading to a certain level. Bookstores such as this one allow interested persons to maintain the skill that they gain as children. It's a good business to have.

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