Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dream Jobs of the Future

Fast Company published a list of "hot jobs" for the next decade. Our current professional writing students should note that some are aligned with their skill sets.

And here they are...

1. YouTube Sensation
Okay, maybe not this one, unless some of you have secret YouTube personas I haven't met. FastCompany reports that some successful users earn six figures.

2. Food Scientist
I'd like to be a food scientist in the Betty Crocker brownie division, but I'd probably have to learn how to separate an egg...

3. Etsy Mogul
Etsy sells handmade items. Craft writers take note that Fast Company reports some Etsy users earn six figures.

4. Interior Designer
Not a huge salary and way too much shopping and decision-making involved.

5. Celebrity Ghost Tweeter
Paid to tweet...although, I think I'd rather do this for a resort hotel. Poolside, of course.

6. Personal Trainer
Low salary, but you'd probably fit right in sitting poolside tweeting for a celebrity.

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