Monday, April 05, 2010

Peeps Show is Over

When I ask this question, I’m talking about friends of mine, but what’s with the legal profession’s strange obsession with Peeps (those little marshmallow chicks and bunnies that are available every spring)?

Every spring, these normally very serious I-can-work-more-hours-than you folks stop everything to enjoy their Peeps.

Let’s start with the American Bar Association. The ABA holds a Peeps in Law contest every year. This year, 45 people entered photos of their Peeps.

My book partner, Vicki, didn’t enter the contest, but her table on Sunday featured them.

The Washington Post had more than 1,100 entries in its contest. They didn't do a survey, but I bet at least 72 percent of entries came from people working as lawyers, for lawyers, with lawyers, or because of lawyers. Yep, one of the winners was designed by a group of lawyers: Freedom is Not Free: A Peeps Tribute to the Veterans of the Korean War. The Post noted that this design was one of the few to feature lighting.

Now it’s Monday. The Peeps Show is over. If you’ve got too many Peeps left over, you might try some Peepshi (Peep sushi), from

Now get back to work.

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