Monday, December 12, 2011

Do You Publish Your Client List?

A couple of weeks ago, I networked at an event with a lot of corporate managers. I always get questions about whether I offer in-house writing workshops because everyone everywhere wants to write better.

I do offer workshops. Some people wanted to know where I've done workshops.

Sometimes I give a name. The rest of the time, I try to be vague. My client list is private. If a company is having enough communication issues that they want my team to come in and help, they don't always want the world to know. One company whose name I sometimes use held a workshop as a rah-rah event rather than a problem-solving event, so I talk about that. Another organization is building an online education program and they are happy for me to talk about the program (except for the proprietary parts).

Consultants are constantly asked to show a track record: What have you done lately? Listing client names on a website is one way to let others know.

But clients with communication problems don't necessarily want the world to know that I taught their employees how to write a better report. Because, you know the question right after, "Where have you done workshops?" is "What kinds of workshops did you do for them?" And that would give people corporate information that isn't mine to share.

How do you handle your client list?

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