Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm Reorganizing the Technology in My Life.

I'm reading the manual.
First, I’m going to learn how to properly use the contacts list in my htc phone.  Currently, I seem to have two contact lists going but I don’t know why or how to merge them. [Insert my-phone-is-smarter-than-me joke here.] It's time to read the manual.

By the way, htc's tagline is quietly brilliant, which rings true. I keep seeing on Facebook and hearing people express how great htc is but hadn't heard of it prior to seeing it in the store. This android phone is so much cheaper than the one everyone thinks they need. But, the functionality is all there: email, Internet, access to social media, camera, video, text messaging, and yes, it's a phone, too. The camera still isn't fast enough for our three year old, but hey, few cameras are. I gave up a Nokia that I loved, loved, loved for this one, but I use this phone all day.

I got Dropbox.

I’m convinced it will change my life because I can keep my teaching materials here and pull them up on our classroom computer without opening my email, which I inevitably do so that everyone can see all my email. I’m sure this is some kind of FERPA violation.

I have Carbonite as my online backup. I lived through two hard-drive failures before I realized that I would not be that person who backs up every single night.

I’m Going Retro.
I rescued a vintage Rolodex from some boxes at work and I’m going to put contact information in here here and display it as art. I have been relying too heavily on storing information online, in my smartphone, and leaving addresses in my email. Now, I can’t find anything, and if I lose the phone (like I did in Target this weekend--and let me just say that I have lost many things in Maine and I always get them back), which does not have an online backup like my last one, it will be a DEFCON 5 situation.

Do I need Wunderlist?
I thought about using an online task manager, but then, what would I write on my hand?

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