Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Google+: Add Photos to Your Page

This post shows how to add photos to a Google+ page. Google+ offers two places to add photos that will always be seen by visitors: the profile picture and across the top of your profile generally. To create a profile image, click on the Add Photo box in the left corner, and follow the prompt.

UMainePW social media guru Erin Stilphen (@arynleeS on Twitter) added a logo image for us.
As Erin did, try to use a photo or image that will look good in this size box. Google+ offers some editing tools, as I will show in below, but it is still not a great idea to try to cram a horizontal photo into a vertical space.

Today, I’m going to click the “Add some photos here” link under Professional Writing at the University of Maine and add some general page photos:

Here is what the space looks like when I click it:

Once photos are uploaded, I used G+ to edit the photos. Notice how this vertical photo looks squished in the little square. To fix the vertical photo problem, I clicked “Manage Photos” to edit it:

This is the screen. To access the editing tools, I clicked the photo once:

This is the screen that shows next. From this screen, I clicked "Creative Kit" in the left top corner:

A kit of tools will appear:

For this photo, I chose to crop the photo some to make it a more vertical photo. When I save this, G+ asks if I want to save the crop (yes) and if I want to replace the photo on my photo page (yes). See my crop marks below:

After saving, I was returned to the black screen below, where I added “tags” so that the people in the photo know that a photo has been uploaded. To do this, simply hover over a person’s face and a tag will appear (I got to this screen by clicking the photo):

Now, in the stream, the photo looks like this:

After I uploaded the images that I have, this is what the page looks like:

The Professional Writing Google+ page can be viewed here. I need one more photo to round out the profile. If anyone has tips for editing photos in Google+, I'm interested!

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