Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Google Plus: Create Your Google+ Business Page

Creating the Google+ Business page is really straightforward, but you do need to make some decisions, so I'll start with that. 

Identify the Google+ "Owner"
You must tie the business page to an email address, so decide carefully who will "own" the business page. Ownership cannot ever be transferred. (You will be able to designate page "managers" who can update the pages, but you cannot designate "owners.")

We have one main Google account for our professional writing program at UMaine so I made that account the "owner." If I get hit by a bus, the new director could access the account if I were to write down the password in a safe place. (Note to self: Write This Down.)

Then, I gave myself "Manager" rights, so that I can work from my personal Google account.

Below, I will show you a screen shot of how to set this up. Right now, just know the answer to this question: To which email address will Google+ be attached?

Set up Your Page
Setting up the page is super easy.

First, you have to have your personal page (which is why the question about who will own it is important). Open this account and click Create a Google+ page located on the right sidebar.

Then, click the category that fits your needs.

If you click Local Business or Place, Google will help you find an existing business and fill in a lot of information automatically. You might choose to organize your business based on Product or Brand, using a drop-down menu to make choices. You'll still have to add your business name, etc.

I used Company, Institution or Organization for the Professional Writing Program at UMaine because our program is not the entire university.

The categories Arts, Entertainment or Sports seem self-explanatory. You could promote your book, music, art show, etc. here.

The Other category is for pages that don't narrow into the other categories. You can simply list your page. Let's say you wanted to have a page about gardeners, for instance, this would be the place for it.

4. Identify Your Managers
Once a page is created, you have to put information into it, and I'll write more about how to do that in my next Google+ post. For now, though, give the right people access to the page so that they can begin filling out the profile and adding content.

Click on your newly created page. From this page, click Settings at the top of the right sidebar.(Make sure you are on the PAGE rather than your own G+ profile.)

On the left sidebar, you'll see two options: General Settings and Managers. Click Managers:

Then, enter the email address for the person or persons who will be the manager(s).

They have to confirm your invitation, but you are now finished with the construction of a G+ page.

For the next post, we'll discuss content.

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