Monday, February 20, 2012

Google Plus: Finding Your Purpose & Filling in Basic Content

What will your Google+ site do and how will it be different from and overlap your existing website? Google is not meant to be advertising, so don't try that. I think it violates the Google Plus policies anyway.

People want content. Brogan's book, Google+ for Business, does a good job of providing examples of how to use a Google+ page.

First, fill in your basic profile. Start by clicking on the profile icon at the top of the page, and then click the blue "Edit Profile" box. Each section has tips about what to include.

Next, determine what you want the purpose of your Google+ page to be. The University of Maine professional writing program is using its Google+ site to feature students and the things they do. Some of our alumni are doing crazy cool things, so I want a place to talk about it. We have a Things To Do This Week feature on our website, but no one outside UMaine cares about that, so, Google+ is all about students and their work across campus and the community. 

Tip: Your Google Plus Page Name
Here's the URL for the Professional Writing Google+ page:

 So simple to remember, right?

Okay, so if you can't remember that looonnnng number either, use a link-shortening website like to shorten the link. 

To do this, just go to and paste in your long Google+ address. Then, will provide a shorter one. I customized ours and now it is

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