Monday, March 05, 2012

What Happend to Coloring on Walls?

Our son brought this contraption home from school. 

It's called a "Multiplication Wrap-Ups."

It's supposed to help kids learn how to multiply. I thought it was a ridiculous gadget.  I mean, isn't that what Multiplication Rock by School House Rock is supposed to do?

But our son likes it and a few days into having it at home, I see my son using it and decide it's great for kinesthetic learners. I no longer think it's ridiculous, and I learn they are available for addition, subtraction, division, and fractions, too. Why didn't I know about these sooner?

The key to it is the string. 

The string must be long enough to wind around properly, and really, without the string, the child will not learn to multiply and (obviously) never get into college.

Our little daughter cut the string into four pieces. Oh yes, she did.

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