Sunday, May 27, 2012

Is the play date the new golf game?

Is the play date the new golf game? You know how a lot of problems are solved on the golf course?

Well, I just had a great meeting with a colleague while our children played in my living room.
I love this sandwich puzzle cutter by
Ginsey Home Solutions.

We edited a brochure for a new workshop, made a rough plan to meet again, and got interrupted a lot.

Here is what they did: played. And ate cookies (+ lunch, but mostly just cookies).

Here is what I learned: It wouldn’t have taken six hours to hold a two hour meeting, if not for the children.

At the end of the day, my little daughter said, “That was a long play date and a really lucky day.”

Yes, it was.

Later, I found a baby flyer in the mail and flipped through it and decided that today’s moms have invented some cool products.

This sippy straw cleaner, for one. How hard are those stupid cup straws to clean?

But not only are moms inventing things, they’re helping each other get started.

And I bet some of these ideas started with a play date and a really lucky day.

What kinds of problems have you solved with a play date?

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