Monday, June 18, 2012

Hovercraft: Use Your Leaf Blower for Something Else this Weekend

Issues of Fast Company and Wired worked their way into my line of sight this weekend (as did a rogue water hose and a few Nerf darts.

Wired offers a Geek Dad Day Spread, and one of the highlights is a hovercraft made with a leaf blower. I think this is an awesome idea for outdoor businesses that want to add a little “attraction” to the front parking lot—something to keep the kids entertained while the parents spend money.

I’d tell you what page the hover craft is on, but my son who thinks he’s a scientist and has had a favorite element since first grade, has taken the issue to school. I hope they keep the leaf blower locked up. He has some handy friends.
Photo by David Clugston
The instructions are online, of course, because Geek Dad knows parents will never see the print magazine again.

The instructions are there! And so is a comment about the legal liability this could cause, so proceed cautiously.

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