Sunday, July 01, 2012

Happy 4th, Memoir Workshop, & Vacation Time!

I do this crazy cliché-ish thing the week of the Fourth of July: I take the week off. We don’t always go away, but I still take the week off. Last year’s Fourth convinced my daughter that all beaches have “poppers” year round, so now, anytime we mention the word “beach,” she says, “Does it have poppers? Will it be loud?”
3-week old girl child & my
mom ready for the 4th in 2008
This year, I’m starting my vacation week with a writing workshop at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast, Maine as part of its Five Mondays in July series of writing workshops.

Rebecca Ruggiero and I are leading two workshops on using print-on-demand services to turn your life stories into a book. Or your company's story. You could publish your startup's story and gift it to your best clients. Savor your favorite family vacation through a retelling. Pass on your favorite recipes and the history of how you came to know them.

The first workshop is tomorrow, Monday, July 2. I’m excited about this. I helped a guy who grew up in a circus with a similar project years back, but we didn’t have the technology that we have now. Every time I work on preparing for Monday, I want to work on his stories again.
Hutchinson Center in Belfast, Maine
The first workshop will be about how to choose the story you want to tell and how to frame it. We'll go over the technical aspects of turning your story into a book using print-on-demand technologies. This workshop is only 2 hours and can jump start your project. This workshop does not have a space limitation, so last-minute sign-ups are welcome.

Signing up really early for the second workshop, though, is very important. The second workshop will be the last Monday in July, July 30, and it will be a hands-on workshop in a computer lab (or you can bring your own laptop). This workshop is 3.5 hours and will be hands-on. We will help you lay out your story and images (photos, drawings, etc.) and get your project ready for publication using a print-on-demand service. You don’t have to attend the first workshop to come to the second, but the second part has very limited seating because we really want people to make as much progress as possible. Make sure you get the "What to Bring" list for this workshop.

To register for either workshop, contact Erica Hughes, Conference Services Coordinator at the UMaine Hutchinson Center.  She can be reached at 207-338-8034 or email her at:

Happy Fourth! 

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