Monday, July 09, 2012

My Artist's Way Toolkit Give Away! (Plus a Vacation Recap)

I started my vacation this year with a writing workshop at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast, Maine. On the last Monday in July, Rebecca Ruggiero and I are leading a second workshop that focuses on how to layout and design memoirs for publication through a print-on-demand service like Create Space or Here's the official description of our next workshop:
This session provides hands-on work on your book project. Using Microsoft Word and working in a computer lab, we will show you how to arrange your work into a professional, readable format suitable for book publication. We will help you scan up to 20 “paper” photos, drawings, recipes, etc., show you how to adjust digital images and place them in the book. By the end of the session, you may not be finished with your project, but you should have the confidence to continue on your own. Bring your story in digital form and your digital or paper photos and other documents.
We are limiting space in this workshop so that we can give everyone lots of technical help. We've already had to open a new session! So we'll be offering one morning session and one afternoon session. We have a few spaces left, and if you're already registered, you can switch to the afternoon session if the timing works better for you. Oh - and if you didn't attend the first workshop, you can still register for the second. You'll be given a "what-to-bring" list when you register.

In other vacation news...

I made a Patriotic Pie using the recipe at Dianne's Dishes.

We went to the beach.

A lot.

And I get to give something away! 

My Artist's Way Toolkit

Just use the code BLOGHER for one free month of the online tool. Here's how it works:
The BLOGHER promo code is for a free trial month. The code BLOGHER must be entered as all caps during registration. After entering the code, the user will be taken to a credit card page where they will need to put in credit info. However, there’s a disclaimer on the page saying that, for those with the promo code, you will only see a zero charge on your card – and you will not be opted in to anything. No recurring charges. Zilch. The system is just set up so that it needs card info, so they can’t get around that.
The BlogHer Book Club has been using My Artist's Way Toolkit for the past month, and you can read about experiences with it. I've also been using it this month. (This give-away is a sponsored product.)

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