Wednesday, October 10, 2012

REVISION {Project of the Month}

October's Project: RevisionThis month, I have two major projects to revise (in addition to regular work*).

I love revision because it reopens a project to invention, to new possibilities.

The late Jim Corder, who taught first-year writing for many years, says we must always be opening ourselves to invention and then closing down on structure. Opening and closing. His point is that that if we do not close the door to invention and focus on structure, we will never quite finish.

I like invention. And I like revision because I get to go back and explore possibilities, ask whether anything new has happened, look at something from a different angle. It’s really difficult for me to shut down possibility and concentrate on structure, but that is my job for the rest of October.  

Which part do you enjoy more? Starting a new project? Or putting the finishing touches on it?

*I feel silly pointing out that I have regular work, too, but some people think professors do nothing but meditate between classes. So not true.

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