Monday, January 07, 2013

5 Resolutions You Should Make for Your Business and Yourself This Year

5 Resolutions You Should Make for Your Business and Yourself This Year

Do you know what you want to accomplish this year? Make 2013 a year of statements. Statements about your business. About yourself. About who you are and what you do.

Start by making five resolutions that you can implement right away. These five will give you the head start to accomplishing your goals this year.

Plan Your Year

First, plan your year using an annual events calendar. You can identify—right now—the types of promotions and events you want to have so that you can communicate the great things that you have going on in your organization.

You might mark annual sales, special events, seasonal kick-off events, and other things. By knowing when your busy times will be, you will be able to plan your time most efficiently and be prepared to work through these events.

Spend Time on the Right Things

Be more satisfied with your day by starting your morning right. Try changing up your morning routine to better define the day. Your business may be rolling along just fine, but your commitment to yourself or to your family be lagging. Look at your morning as a time to reinvigorate your focus on things you find important but often ignored.

Use Technology to Communicate Better

Have you tried using your voice mail as a time management tool? Here are some tips that go beyond letting calls roll to voice mail, which is not necessarily a time saver.

Another way to use technology is by using tools like Photosynthto show off the ambiance of your business, especially if you have a place to be enjoyed by customers--an inn, a restaurant, a playscape, or even a garden nursery. Being in the greenhouse is much more inspiring than seeing an ad of the greenhouse.

To show you what I mean, check out this synth, by a member of the Microsoft Gigwalk community, of The Bookstore Bar:

Business owners could add a good description and invitation to come in to shop.

Expand Your Business One Intern at a Time

Expanding in this economy is tough, so if you're worried about hiring a permanent new employee, try starting with an intern. Interns are not replacements for full-time, fully qualified people, however. Interns are supposed to be learning and well-supervised. The benefit of using an intern is that you'll be able to train the person the way you like things to be done.

Resolve This Year to Remember that Being an Entrepreneur Takes Patience

Being an entrepreneur is difficult and success is a moving target. For beginning entrepreneurs, it might feel like learning to cartwheel. For those mid-game, the next step might be revamping a pitch.

In business, one benchmark leads to the next, so know your goals for the year so that you can take a moment to celebrate the goals as you achieve and pass them. If business is only about the next goal, the next win, you'll always feel dissatisfied.

Make 2013 about developing the statement you want your business to make.

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