Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Have a Happy Monday

Don’t you love Monday mornings?

It’s the day that, if you went to the market over the weekend, you have fresh food to pack for your lunch and an inkling of what to feed your family for supper. If you took a moment to clean out and then reorganize your car/briefcase, you know you can find your keys and your calendar is up to date. If you tossed in laundry a couple of times and spent a half hour running around the house with a dustmop, the house is fresh.

If you saw the snow falling and didn’t want to leave the warm house and permanent flow of hot chocolate to restock the fridge…if you started to run through the house with a dustmop but never quite finished dusting, mopping, wiping, and organizing…if you can’t find your car keys and you finally measure the new 14-inch laptop you ordered and find it’s right around 12 inches…if your daughter woke up four times because her legs ached and your 70-pound ten year old fell asleep reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid in your bed, Monday may start out a little less promising.

You might think you can conquer the day anyway if you get up early and get a jump on things: finish the cleaning, launch a sneak attack on the inbox that is developing into a small uprising, pack what needs to be mailed, clean out the car really quick, organize the bags (daycare, lunch, book), and really, you can do anything else you didn't do over the weekend before the family wakes up.

You might start to clear up email inbox before moving on through your literal inbox, but as you log in, you remember you need to check a bank account. Back to email. You stop to see if a password someone sent you works because if it doesn’t you need to email that person, too. Back to email. Yes, it makes sense that you work in this flurried state because you’re going to get through everything before Monday really begins. You leave the email inbox to touch the literal inbox, searching for a paper from your son’s teacher. You find it. You need to email her with a question, but you don’t know her email address. You cruise over to the school website and see the calendar:

Juggling postponed.

Your fingers freeze, hovering over the keyboard because you’ve read it as a directive, not as a cancellation due to crazy winter weather. And you take stock. What really have you accomplished in this early morning frenzy?

And this is what you know: It’s Monday already, It’s time to begin anew, but this time, with a Monday morning plan, not a woulda-shoulda-coulda Monday morning quarterback plan, but a plan that makes sense for the day you have ahead.

If you are jugging, stop.

It’s been postponed.

Happy Monday!

My friend sent me this video link of graphic designer and author Rilla Alexander's talk, “Without the Doing, the Dreaming is Useless.” Rilla discusses ideas and how to follow one idea to the end.

Laura Vanderkam has a new, short ebook out: What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend: A Short Guide to Making the Most of Your Days Off (A Penguin Special from Portfolio).

What are the things you do over the weekend to start your week off right? 

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