Sunday, March 24, 2013

What is your best productivity tool?
Mine is a hoodie.

This post is not about time management. I’ve already explained why traditional time management systems don’t work for me.

This post is about the power of a gray hoodie.

The summer that I attended Computers in Writing Intensive Classrooms at Michigan Tech, I bought a gray hoodie because it was colder than I expected. I didn’t expect that it would become the thing that made writing easier. Do you have anything like that?

The cuffs are frayed. It’s stained. But I wrote a book while wearing it. I wore it during night feedings while my daughter was an infant. I’ve answered thousands of emails wearing it. I’ve ignored thousands of other emails while wearing it to hyper-focus on one project. My husband has given me two hoodies to replace it, but I can’t let it go. (I'll just add that given his 1980s concert t-shirt collection, he has very little room to talk.)

A few days a week, I wake up early to work—really early—really in the middle of the night. At least three people will get email time-stamped 2-something a.m. One of the reasons I get up so early is so I can think without being interrupted. On this morning, my four-year-old is snuggled by me, having pitter-pattered herself next to me sometime during the night. I usually go work in my office nook, but I know snuggle days are limited.

She likes how soft the hoodie is, too. How could I possibly give it up?

What is your secret to productivity?

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