Monday, May 27, 2013

A Little Mad: Family Visit to a Small Business

We took a short trip to Bar Harbor, Maine to eat lunch at Geddy's and buy a few Life is Good gifts for our upcoming trip to Texas. We found a little area we hadn't explored before and decided to enter A Little Mad: Island Shop and Gallery despite seeing breakable things through the window.

The owners started laughing when we walked through the door because I was giving orders: "This is a Do-Not-Touch Store." Apparently, they were parents and could relate.

You know anything with the word "gallery" in the name suggests you leave the children outside.

But A Little Mad had a wonderful children's section with candy by the pound and some really cool stuff.

I wanted this recycled Little Golden Book, but I figured I'd get too many concerned glances at my meeting tomorrow when I flipped it open to take notes:

Over on the adult side of the shop, I wanted this pocketbook: A Harveys bag made out of seat belt material:

We bought a few things.


There's no photographic evidence because unless we had taken a picture before we paid for it, we weren't getting it back from the kids.

A Mad Pax pencil holder that I'm going to use for my table-top tripod, chargers, and ear buds:
And a toy robot:

In addition to his candy, my son snagged a buttons and the largest jawbreaker I've ever seen.

Afterward, my husband photographed some evidence that our kids love each other at least a little:


And then they ran on the beach and got their shoes wet and sand stuck on their clothes. We brought them home with us anyway.

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