Monday, June 10, 2013

Gearing up for a busy summer: What are your secrets?

Summer is already zooming by, and I don't think I've had a chance to even plan out my weeks yet. What are your secrets to planning a busy summer?

Over the summer, this blog is getting a makeover, thanks to MAK Digital. I have always liked Angela Marcolini's designs, from the first one I saw, so I'm super excited to have her working on this blog.

This weekend, I finally saw the efforts of John Cardinal, a family friend who has been working on illustrating a book--his first. I'd Rather Be Riding My Bike is for children ages 3 to 6. This is awesome because I also know the children on the cover...his son Jacob and Zoe. There are secrets inside...his children's own artwork, and little changes to Jacob's shirt that you can look for from page to page. You can buy this book from John's site (he will autograph if for you!) or from Amazon, where it has received five-star reviews.

Thanks for the note John, and we can't wait for your next book. Collectors we will be!

Oh, give-aways! My co-author Vicki Voisin and I are doing book give-aways with office supply treats from Poppin. We are doing this over at Paralegal Rookie to celebrate job searching season. By mid-week, we'll be in full-swing there. When I got our delivery from Poppin, these were the airbags inside:

They are perfect messages for paralegals, for whom free rein of the office supply closet just brings happiness. Once the blog is revamped, we'll do some give aways here, too. It's only fair, and who doesn't like awesome little gadgets?

MOTIVATION this week comes from...Amistad Academy!

The best part of last week was meeting seventh-grade students from Amistad Academy (and seeing one of their teachers, Abby Frances, who happens to be a former student of mine, too). They came to my college classroom and were terrific. These students go to school from about 7:30 in the morning and sometimes don't leave until about 5:30. They are so amazing that one person on campus thought they were in high school. These students are headed to college classrooms near you in about 5 years. Go Amistad!

They gave me this awesome shirt. I'm going to wear it this summer and remember to work as hard as they do. Thank you, Amistad!

I haven't mentioned anything else going on: research! training! technology transfer projects! travel!

It's a busy summer. I have to figure out how to get organized, and I have to figure it out first because right now, I am officially running 15 minutes late.

Hope your Monday is great!

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