Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm offline for a little while

This is Odelia, named after the main character in the Odelia Grey Mystery Series by Sue Ann Jaffarian. Odelia lives in Texas, where, as one of my cousins says, "the opinions of livestock truly matter!"

This Odelia stands between me and Internet access.

This is Odelia Grey, who solves mysteries. The latest is Second-Hand Stiff:

Thanksgiving with her fault-finding mother has Odelia Grey stewing in her own juices. But her husband’s cousin Ina—who shows up to dinner alone with ugly bruises—clearly has it worse. Things quickly go downhill after Odelia’s mother decides to extend her visit a few extra days to attend a storage auction with Ina, who owns a consignment shop. The day of the auction, the thrill of bargain hunting gives way to tragedy when Ina’s husband is found inside a storage locker—dead. 
If you haven’t read Sue’s books, you should. One of the cool things about Sue is that she is a full-time paralegal and writes fiction in the corners of her life. I admire that.

Read more about her and definitely check out her books.

More soon! 

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