Monday, February 24, 2014

Career Building: 3 Things to Do This Week

This pendant is by rubiesandwhimsy on Etsy
When possible, I'm posting things you can do to start your career or make mid-career decisions. Check back each week for something new to try.

Find time to read: One of my favorite analytical writers, Laura Vanderkam, explains how to find time to read for pleasure. I know some UMaine students carrying around “the brick” might like a change of pace. And if you find yourself trying to do "just one more thing" for work or your volunteer gig before you turn off the lights at night, you need to read what Laura has to say.

Get organized like a ninja. I just like the sound of that. Plus, Jenny Blake is offering free downloads to show you how, so why not check it out?

While you’re doing the ninja thing, why not consider something like The Acorn Project, to help you figure out what’s next in your life. Cost: $15

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