Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Introducing...3 Things to Do This Week and
Charlsye's Career Advice Corner

If your job search feels like this:

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you might be ready for this list of three things to do to jump start your career or my new Career Advice Corner on Pinterest.

Students at the University of Maine know that I like to give those who are job searching to-do lists to help get their job searches rolling. I decided to start posting these semi-regularly lists of things to do for anyone who is job searching or thinking about a mid-career change.

I made a mid-career change, and for a year I felt like I was standing on top of a diving board afraid to jump. I never quite jumped. I got off the diving board and found a way to connect my past with my future. What will you do to start or build or change your career?

Below are three things to do this week to explore opportunities or to engage in professional development.

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One of my friends always says, “Your job is not your career.” He means that the place that provides your paycheck is how you get paid, but the cumulative work that you do for this company and anywhere else you work or volunteer comprises your career. 83 year-old advisor, Stephen Pollan, agrees.

Decide today whether you want a career or a job and then plan your next step. It may be your first step toward a professional life or a mid-career step.


Charlsye's Career Advice Corner

Oh, And...I've started Charlsye's Career Advice Corner on Pinterest.

I’ve joined Pinterest (I am as shocked as those who know me are). Explore these Career Advice Corner pins, curated to make the next steps slightly easier. 

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