Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quick Tip! Get Free Paper from Staples (pay the tax!)

Staples is my favorite office supply store, especially since it started carrying products from Poppin, Poppin has my new favorite pens.
Unfortunately, I use a lot of paper. I also work with students and start-ups who need to budget their money carefully, so I am sharing my tip for getting free paper from Staples.

Right now, Staples has two coupons for paper (expiring March 22, 2014). One is for a free ream of HammerMill Copy Plus paper. The other is for a free five-ream case of Staples Copy Paper.

The coupons provide a discount on each item and then you submit the receipt for a rebate for the rest of the cost. The rebate comes as a Visa card that you can use anywhere.

Here is the cost breakdown for the 5-ream case:

Cost: 26.99

Coupon: -9.99

Total: 17.00 + tax in Maine = 17.94. I paid this amount when I checked out.

Here is be cost of the ream of HammerMill Copy Plus paper:
Cost: 7.99

Coupon: -3.99

Total:  4.00 + tax in Maine = $4.22. I paid this amount when I checked out.

Total paid at time of purchase: 22.16
Rebate Value: 21.00
Total Cost of Paper: 1.16

Then, Use the Easy Rebate Submission Website
The rebate information automatically prints with the receipt eliminating the need to look for or ask for a rebate form at the store. I always use the Staples easy online rebate submission website to submit my receipt information. I could also mail the information to Staples, but that means I have to find a stamp and an envelope. The website is very easy to use and free. In a few weeks, I will receive a Visa card in the mail for $17 for the case of paper and a check for $4 for the ream of paper. I prefer and love the rebate Visa card instead of a check that has to be deposited. I can use the Visa card anywhere. But, of course, I won't turn down a rebate in check form either.

Here's a Bonus Tip: I always save the Visa card to use next time I see a free offer for paper. Aside from using my own cash the first time I took advantage of the free paper offer (and I got that back with a rebate), I usually don't have to pay much with my own cash up front.

For example, for this trip, my VISA rebate card had $19 on it. My total purchase, 22.16 - $19, means I paid only $3.16 of my own cash for 6 reams of paper. I will keep this cycle going by saving the next VISA card that I receive.

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