About Me

I am a professor and consultant. I find I’m happiest when I’m learning something new or attending events like Invention to Venture – I2V in Orono, ME, where I'm surrounded by entrepreneurs and people who like to talk about things like intellectual property protection.

Coordinator, Professional & Technical Writing
I am the coordinator for Technical and Professional Writing at the University of Maine. Students at UMaine and I have built a terrific program from 4 students when I arrived in 2006 to more than 40 today. Students work in interesting internships and get great jobs.

Online Education (Distance Education) for Advanced Paralegal Certification
I am an educational consultant to the National Association of Legal Assistants and helped develop and launch its online education program for advanced paralegal certification, a nationally recognized certification program. I have been working with NALA for more than a decade on its publishing and educational programming.

Small Business & Entrepreneurship
I write for & with small businesses. I’ve written everything from business cards to business plans, columns for a drag racing magazine to professional advice for paralegals. I help student start-ups and other entrepreneurs with grant applications, business plans, and marketing strategies. I enjoy discussing intellectual property protection and challenges as well.

Small Business in Okinawa, Japan
I spent some time in Okinawa, Japan. I maintain contact with small business owners in Okinawa, and I’m beginning to write more about these experiences.


Carolyn Tate Higgs said...

Thank you for your mentioning of my father, Dr.Gary Tate. It's so good to see, even in a simple sentence, that he is remembered.
Carolyn Tate Higgs

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