FTC Notice

I use affiliate advertising on this blog. I comply with the FTC directives in this document, "

The Federal Trade Commission requires that bloggers clearly identify advertising. While differentiating a blog post from advertising sounds simple enough, sometimes, bloggers are paid to write about a specific product and the advertisement looks like a blog post, not an ad.

For example, if a blogger writes about how great a home security system is and provides links to that security system, the blogger needs to identify whether they are receiving any compensation for this post. Compensation might include: (1) a very small (often as low as one penny) payment if a reader clicks the link provided by the blogger; (2) a commission on sales that might be disguised as a coupon; (3) an outright payment from a company to a blogger to write about their product. The blogger is required to tell you that they are being compensated in exchange for posting the review. 

The policies for this blog are as follows: 
  • All affiliate links are identified at the top of the blog post where the links appear.
  • Links to books on Amazon are affiliate links.
  • Desk of the Week is sometimes an affiliate link and sometimes it's just a cool desk. 

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