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I'm entering new territory here with the blog, and I now need to provide a notice that this blog generates a little bit of income. I know - kind of a shocker for me, too. While posting this notice, I had to decide what would happen with the money. It's not that much; by the end of June, the blog will have made $25 and that's rounding up.

Still, $25 is half the amount my students at the University of Maine requested and received for their work with two nonprofits this year, so $25 has meaning to these students. Any funds actually generated on this site this year will go to the professional writing students' outreach work with nonprofits.

This summer, students are working with a child learning center, a theatre and an educational outreach program. This past spring, students worked for a symphony, the extension service, an animal rescue, a youth theatre, a children's learning center, and a food pantry. And that's just their nonprofit work.

Advertising. I joined the BlogHer Network in April 2012 as a way to broaden my audience and to connect with other women bloggers. Advertisements from the BlogHer Network run along the top and down the right side of the blog.

Amazon Affiliate. If you buy a book by clicking a link from this site, Amazon pays a few cents for that sale. This is a great way to support UMaine professional writing students if you plan to buy a book anyway.

Book Reviews. Starting in June 2012, I requested and received complimentary copies of a few books to review. I'll always mark each post to say which items I've received for free. My reviews, however, are honest assessments.

UMaine Professional Writing Students work with many nonprofits throughout the year, writing grants, doing research related to grants, preparing brochures, coaching them on annual report design, and helping them raise money through good marketing plans.

Thank you for supporting this blog. 

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